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Stainless Steel Puppy Saucer 28cm - 1.35L

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The Stainless Steel Puppy saucer is ideal for very small and young pets in kennels and around the home. This bowl is Hygience and durable. This bowl can hold an approx 1.35L in liquids and has a diameter of 29cm. The side height of the bowl is 3.5cm and the height of the middle is 6.8cm

  • The perfect bowl to feed a group of puppies or small dogs that like to flip their water bowl.

  • Great for recently weaned pups (reduces walking/sitting in the bowl).

  • Food slopes to the outside of the dish for easier access around the large bowl circumference.

  • A solid premium quality Stainless Steel bowl.

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel which resists bacteria