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WSD Low Volume Combination 10L

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Levamisole Hydrochloride 80 g/L and Fenbendazole 50 g/L. Levamisole is an imidazothiazole derivative which causes paralysis and eventual death while Fenbendazole, a Benzimadazole, interferes glucose delivery to cells resulting in death.

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For the control of benzimidazole and levamisole sensitive gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworms including:

Adult and immature gastrointestinal roundworms:

  • Ostertagia spp – Small brown stomach worm
  • Trichostrongylus spp – Black scour worm
  • Cooperia spp  – Small intestinal worm
  • Nematodirus spp – Thin necked intestinal worm
  • Strongloides papillosus – Intestinal threadworm
  • Bunostomum spp – Hookworm
  • Oesophagostomum columbianum – Nodule worm
  • Chabertia ovina – Large mouthed bowel worm
  • Dictyocaulus filaria  – Large lungworm

Aids in the control of:

  • Haemonchus contortus – Barber‘s pole worm
  • Moniezia expansa  – Tapeworm
  • Trichuris ovis  – Whipworm

It is also particularly useful in cases of single resistance strains to either benzimidazoles or levamisole.

Aids in reducing egg output (for this to be of benefit, treated sheep and lambs should not be placed on clean pasture until 12 hours has elapsed after treatment).

Period of protection

This is a short acting product and can only be expected to work where resistance is not prevalent. Always conduct drench resistance testing and seek veterinary advice if you are concerned for livestock wellbeing. 

Dosage and Administration


Dose the mob to the heaviest animal by liveweight in each group (ewes, wethers, rams and lambs). Do not underdose.

A representative sample of animals should be weighed before treatment either with scales or weighband. Where there is a large variation in size within the group, dose rate should be based on the label directions for each weight range. Drafting into two or more lines may be appropriate, to avoid excessive overdosing.

Safe to use on pregnant and non-pregnant animals of any age when used as directed.

Dose sheep and lambs at 1mL/10kg body weight.

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