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You wouldn't buy a car then not get it serviced, so why not clean & maintain your blades after using them? This complete accessory kit has everything you need to look after your tools. This Combo includes the Wahl Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray to help keep clippers disinfected, the Wahl Clipper Oil which is an essential lubricant to keeping your blades maintained. Also included is a cleaning brush.

1. Starting with the cleaning brush and get rid of all the loose hair on and between the blade.
2. Spray blade with Clini-Clip, letting the liquid completely dry before oiling.
3. With the blade directed downwards, turn the clipper/trimmer on. Apply three drops of oil one on each side and one in the middle.
4. With the clipper/trimmer still on, move the taper lever back and forth to work oil into blade. Turn off clipper/trimmer and blot excess oil with clean towel.