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Virbac Founderguard

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Founderguard helps to prevent founder from occuring in horses fed high carbohydrate diets, which may included:

  • High Grain
  • Lush, high sugar pasture and
  • Feeds resulting in hind gut acidity.

Founderguard will also help to prevent recurrences in horses which have suffered from laminitis or founder in the past.

Laminitis may also be caused as a result of stress, severe infections or concussion. Founderguard will not protect against non-dietary forms of laminitis and founder.

The active ingredient in Founderguard (virginiamycin) selectively controls the growth of intestinal bacteria which ferment starches and sugars, and produce lactic acid as a byproduct. Founderguard thus avoids the digestive upsets caused by an overgrowth of the lactic acid producing bacteria. This allows diets rich in soluble carbodhyrates to be consumed with lower risk of feed-induced founder.

Performance and racing horses fed high grain diets, may develop a low grade “subclinical” form of laminitis, which can often go undiagnosed. This low-grade founder can impair competition or racing performance, without producing obvious signs of lameness other than a slightly “scratchy” gait or mild foot soreness.  All horses consuming diets high in soluble carbohydrates are at risk of feed-induced laminitis and founder.

The effect of Founderguard has not been assessed in breeding horses and therefore should not be given to pregnant mares or stallions used for breeding.

Directions for Use:

Founderguard can be fed alone or mixed with feed. Commence dosing at least 3 days before increasing grain in the diet, and maintain daily doses during the entire period of grain feeding.

Dose Rate: 5g per 100kg bodyweight daily, in single or divided doses. (Eg one 25g scoop for a 500kg horse).

Size 1kg & 5kg