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Vase Tumbler Treat Toy Dispenser - Cat/Small Dog 28cm

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Keep Maximus and Blaze entertained for hours with the Vase Tumbler Treat Toy Dispenser! It is a great interactive toy that has a weighted bottom which always helps the toy stay upright, even after being knocked down. This toy has a bell and feather for extra enticement.

Unscrew the middle body piece and fill the base of the tumbler with treats. Each time the tumbler is knocked around a treat will dispense out of the small opening.*

This toy also makes for a great wand toy for your cat. Unscrew the middle body piece and hold it in your hand. When you wave it around, your cat will not be able to resist the feather.

By simply not attaching the feather feature, this makes a great treat dispenser for your dog.

For best treat dispensing, please use treats smaller than 1cm.