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Value Plus 4 Calming Paste 30ml

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Value Plus 4 Calming Paste is a nutritional supplement for horses and dogs containing the unique combination of magnesium, tryptophan, B-group vitamins and chamomile in an easy to use paste formulation.


4 Calming Paste should be given 20 – 40 minutes before exercise or travel.

This dose may be repeated in 5-6 hours if required.

Give the recommended dose of 4 Calming Paste in food, or as directed by a veterinarian.

Horses: Give ½ to 1 tube of 4 Calming Paste per 500kg bodyweight.
Ponies: Give 1½mL to 3mL of 4 Calming Paste per 50kg bodyweight.
Dogs: Give ½mL to 1mL of 4 Calming Paste per 10kg bodyweight.


  • 4 Calming Paste is a highly palatable, sweet tasting paste with high acceptance in both horses and dogs.
  • 4 Calming Paste is the perfect supplement to use when travelling. It is also suitable for use as a training tool when an animal is being trained out of a particular behaviour.
  • 4 Calming Paste will not affect the alertness of the animal or hinder their performance level when used to label directions.
  • 4 Calming Paste does not contravene the rules of racing, however we do not recommend that any product be administered on race days, as per the rules of racing.
  • 4 Calming Paste is safe to use on pregnant or lactating animals and will not affect fertility in stud dogs or stallions.
  • The unique combination of ingredients in 4 Calming Paste produces a fast acting and reliable result.