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Tropical Supervit Mini Granuler 162.5G

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SUPERVIT MINI GRANULAT multi-ingredient food in the form of a minigranulat with beta-glucan. SUPERVIT MINI GRANULAT is a universal food in the form of fine, sinking granules for everyday feeding of small aquarium fish, adolescent fry, dwarf shrimp and gullets. The nutritional and energetic needs of fish are secured by an extremely rich recipe consisting of several dozens of selected ingredients of the highest quality, including crustaceans, molluscs and algae. The immune system of fish and crustaceans in the fight against pathogens is supported by beta-glucan and stabilized vitamin C. Rich composition, high hydrostability (does not burden the aquarium with nutrients, which is especially important in nanoquarks) and small size of this granulate make it particularly applicable in nutrition of nanofibers.