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Surefire Broma Grain Bait Rodenticide 2kg

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Surefire Broma Grain Bait Rodenticide

Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone @ 0.5g/kg

Similar or Comparable to: Bromakil Grain Bait for Rats & Mice (De Sangosse)

Surefire Broma Grain Bait Rodenticide is a ready to use grain bait for the control of rats & mice in and around commercial, industrial, domestic and agricultural buildings.

Surefire Broma Grain Bait Rodenticide is our ready to use grain based bait, proven to be highly palatable to rats and mice.

Surefire Broma Grain Bait Rodenticide contains Bromadiolone, a second-generation anti-coagulant, which ensures that a single dose of the bait will be effective.

  • A Bromadiolone based rodenticide made of highly palatable cracked grain for rats & mice.  
  • A professional grade, grain based rodenticide.
  • Can be used where pests occur around industrial commercial buildings, domestic buildings, grain storage facilities, sheds etc.

Pack Sizes: 2kg

Directions for Use:

Situation:  Apply where pests occur in and around industrial commercial, agricultural and domestic buildings.

Pest – Rats: 150gm per bait tray.

Pest – Mice: 50gm per bait tray.

Critical Comments:  Put measured quantity of bait in suitable containers, ie bait trays.  Protect baits from water where possible.

Baiting Strategy:

  • Eliminate as far as practicable all alternative food sources.  
  • Bait infested area
  • Place baits under cover.
  • Inspect baits daily.
  • If eaten quickly increase increase the number of baits.
  • Continue observation and replenishment until no more baits are taken.
  • Baiting for 2 weeks is necessary to reduce rat/mouse numbers.