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Striker Spray-on For Sheep

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Striker Spray-on For Sheep 

Equivalent to: CLiK Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment

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Dicyclanil 50 g/L

For the protection of sheep against strike by Dicyclanil susceptible strains of blowfies (Lucilia cuprina).

For the protection of mulesing and marking wounds on sheep against strike by Dicyclanil susceptible strains of blowfies (Lucilia cuprina) during the wound healing process.

Indications: Can be applied off-shears or with any length wool on animal.

Period of Protection: Up to 24 weeks

Dosage and Administration

STRIKER SPRAY-ON provides season long protection to sheep against body, breech and poll strike and may be used either off-shears (within 24 hours of shearing) or in sheep with any length wool (Short Wool: greater than one day and up to 6 weeks after shearing; Long Wool: greater than 6 weeks after shearing). The ESI varies according to wool length at the time of treatment.

STRIKER SPRAY-ON also protects mulesing and marking wounds on lambs against fly strike during the wound healing process. The dose volume is determined by the weight of sheep being treated. Apply STRIKER SPRAY-ON according to the diagrams and tables in the Dosage and administration. (Download tech sheet to view.)

DO NOT DILUTE. Do not mix with any other product. Apply directly from container or an appropriate back pack using STRIKER SPRAY-ON applicator gun recommended by the supplier. STRIKER SPRAY-ON may be applied to all breeds of sheep to obtain protection against strike by dicyclanil-susceptible strains of blowflies.

DO NOT apply during gusty or windy weather as spray drift may reduce the period of protection. It is good agricultural practice for mulesing/marking to be carried out at times of minimal fly activity. Reduced efficacy may occur in sheep affected with dermatophilosis.

Significant soiling with dags, mud, dust or urine may reduce efficacy. Where significant dags are present, a light crutching is indicated prior to treatment. Protection period may be reduced if sheep scour heavily following application.


5L - 20L