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Screw-On Timber Post 25nb Farm Gate Kit With Latch

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Need a secure and economical gate kit? Our screw on timber post gate kits are perfect for gates under 12ft. kit can easily be fitted using a standard drill and drill bit, rather than an auger and petrol drill.

The kit is made from steel that has been hot dipped galvanised. This ensures a strong and long lasting quality gate hinge set.

It has been designed so the gudgeon screws are fitted behind the gate, making it difficult to remove while the gate is sitting on the gudgeon.

Our galvanised knob latches, also known as mushroom latches, are a great way to make sure your gate stays shut.

  • A 25NB steel bottom gudgeon
  • Top saddle and saddle attachment.
  • Four 12mm by 75mm galvanised screws.
  • x1 Galvanised knob latches