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Ranvet Hoof Food

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Ranvet HOOF FOOD is a supplement which acts to improve hoof wall strength and thickness; promote thicker soles, deeper heels, healthier frogs; speed recovery following corn and stone bruise removal. Regrowth of cracked and damaged hoof walls is accelerated. Aids in the treatment and prevention of contracted heels, cracked walls, bruised soles, shallow heels, thin soles, laminitis, seedy toe, split frogs and shelly feet in horses.

Composition: Each kg contains biotin 500mg, gelatin 66.6g, sulfur 133.3g, methionine 286.6g, choline bitartrate 99% 16.6g, zinc oxide 300mg, magnesium oxide 273g.

Dosage: 15-30g daily.

Overall improvement in hoof horn growth and strength usually occurs within 3-5 months, longer in cases of severe hoof damage.