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Pneumatic C-Ring Hog Ring Fastener Bonus Clips

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  • Built to last: high-strength tungsten steel muzzle processed by tempering, durable aluminum alloy housing and stronger piston providing minimal recoil, wear-resistant and longer service life
  • Well-designed structure: reinforced upper and lower jaws inside the body with balanced ergonomic and symmetrical structure that ensures a smooth closure, less fatigue and no jams
  • Improved performance: standard nose and long charger meet most of your needs and offer longer daily use; automatic feeding system: automatically pushes locks without manual adjustment
  • It adapts to your needs: ideal tool for wire cages, car seat, spring mattress, sofa, crab traps, fences, railings, farming cages, rockery, etc.
  • Fasteners: meite 16 gauge c ring staples closure diameter of 2.6-3.6 mm