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Pig Trotters Dog Treats 15 Pack

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Black Dog Pig Trotters, 15 Pack

Black Dog manufactures quality pig's trotters for dogs. Feeding your dog a pig trotter is a great way to prevent destructive behaviour as they are highly entertaining to chew.

To your dog, the aroma of a raw pig trotter is delicious. The taste is even more appetising as each trotter has chunks of meat to chew off.

When you buy pig's trotters in bulk - you save money. Buying a few dog treats here and there can work out very expensive but with this pack of 15 dog treats you are receiving a bulk discount.

This is great news for you and your dog. You are saving money and your dog gets a large supply of delicious treats.

Black Dog pig trotters are:

  • 100% pork meat.
  • Made without the addition of artificial ingredients.
  • Good for dental hygiene.
  • Full of meaty flavour.