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Pharmachem Flyscreen 120ml

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Flyscreen aids in the control of susceptible nuisance flies and biting insects including: Haematobia irritans exigua (Buffalo Fly), Stomoxys calcitrans (Stable fly), Culicoides app. (Sandflies). Flyscreen also aids in the control of Queensland Itch in horses caused by Culicoides app. (Biting Midges). Flyscreen will give effective control of biting insects and nuisance flies when used as directed. The level and duration of control maybe reduced due to high fly pressure or on working horses due to the effects of perspiration. Aids in the treatment of Queensland Itch

  1. Ready-to-use Pour-on.
  2. Apply once a week
  3. Economical-120mL bottle has 4x Adult treatments(30mL dose)
  4. Rain/Sweat resistant
  5. Low irritant
  6. “Unique dual application’’ targets flies:
    Pour-On for Buffalo and Sandflies
    Wipe-On for Stable fly
  7. Safe to use on pregnant mares and foals
  8. Kills flies when they land
  9. Australian Made and Owned.
  10. Patented technology