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Permoxin Insecticidal Spray & Rinse Concentrate 250ml

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A highly effective insecticide, tickicide and insect repellent for use on dogs and horses.

Permoxin is a high concentrated permethrin based insecticide that prevents ticks, fleas, flies and biting insects on horses. The topical solution takes care of fly nuisance on horses and protects them from Queensland Itch. It acts as an insect repellent and provides relief to horses by controlling flies on them. It can be used on pregnant and lactating animals.

How does it work?

Permoxin utilises a superior technology that allows the ingredient to attach to clean hair and skin for longer effectiveness. It repels fleas and ticks so that the horses are not attacked by parasites. Light has no effect on Permethrin that means it lasts for longer duration compared to pyrethrins which quickly decays when exposed to sun and air.

  • Permoxin can be applied to wet or dry coat.
  • Dilute the solution at the rate of 10ml to 400ml of water. 
  • Use as a spray or rinse.
  • Spray the entire body of the animal at the distance of approx. 20cm.
  • Apply against the lay of the hair, and make sure that the entire coat of the animal is thoroughly wet with Permoxin.
  • Ruffle the coat as the spray is applied, especially in long haired or densely coated animals, so that the product penetrates down to the skin.
  • Allow the coat to dry naturally.
  • If using the product as a rinse, apply after shampooing and rinsing.
  • Use sponge to assist application; foaming does not affect efficacy.
  • For flea and tick control, use the product as a rinse every seven days.
  • For insect-bite allergies, spray the product daily for up to 14 days.