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Organica De Horning Paste Balm

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Organica De-Horning Balm Paste

Organica De-Horning Balm has the certified allowed farm input approval (No. 442) and is USDA NOP Compliant. Made with Australian essential oils and botanical extracts,  De-Horning Balm is a non-toxic formula, which acts as a healing balm that contains antiseptic and aesthetic properties with the added benefit of sunscreen, to soothe and aide in the recovery to the horn bud after de-horning. Great prevention of fly strike to livestock.

De-Horning Balm is a registered trademark of Organica Australia Pty Ltd.

How to use

Your De-Horning Balm can be applied directly to the horn bud by a paint brush. For general sores apply by hand or cloth as required.  Best applied as needed. No withholding period.

Suitable for use on all certified organic farms and contains the finest quality ingredients in an organic therapeutic blend.

Reduces stress, Non-Toxic, Chemical free.

What’s In It?

  • Made with Australian essential oils and botanical extracts.
  • Aroma Therapeutic Ingredients.
  • Non Toxic and Chemical Free.
  • Animal and human friendly ingredients.