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Nemtek Agri Solar Energsier With Internal Battery - 1km

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The Agri 1km solar energizers include an attached large solar panel and a built-in environmentally friendly Lithium iron battery (LiFe). The environmentally friendly battery offers a much longer life span than traditional lead acid batteries. These Agri solar energizers with the advanced battery technology are ready to use and easy to install.


• Powers up to 1km of fence (optimal conditions)
• Large 5W solar panel for quick charge
• Robust solar bracket and weather-resistant housing
• On/off key ring TAG to switch the energizer on and off
• Battery charge state indicator
• Solar panel charge state indicator
• Deep sleep mode for battery safe-mode storage
• Day/night sensor
• Y-picket mounting
• Lightning protection


Output energy max 0.1J (stored energy 0.125J)
Output voltage @ Open circuit 7.1kV
Output voltage @1000Ohms 3.7kV
Output voltage @500Ohms 2.0kV
5Watt solar panel
IP rating 54

Agri Solar 1, 3, 5 and 8 Energizers from Nemtek Electric Fencing Products on Vimeo.