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MOUSEOFF® Bromadiolone Chew-through sachets

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MOUSEOFF® Bromadiolone (MOUSEOFF® BD) is a cost-effective, simple and highly effective control method for rats and mice.

While a single feed of MOUSEOFF® BD is lethal to a rat or a mouse, it is important to continue supplying bait to the active stations over time, to ensure all rodents in the area have accessed the bait.

MOUSEOFF® BD chew-through sachets 20 X 10G Sachets 

MOUSEOFF® BD chew-through sachets are designed to simplify domestic mouse and rat control by providing an effective mechanism to deliver the bait to hard-to-reach places.

Simply place or throw individual sachets into the desired location - into wall cavities, behind cupboards, into the ceiling space.

The rodents chew through the paper sachet and consume the bait. As with the grain bait, replace sachets until rodent activity ceases.

Pulse baiting with MOUSEOFF® BD

Rodents will generally consume a lethal dose of bait in a single feed, however like all anticoagulant poisons, the rodents can live for several days after this initial feed.

During this period, the rodents can consume multiple lethal doses. Not only does this mean the rodents are consuming more bait than is required, but it may increase the risks of the rodents accumulating high levels of the poison.

Should other animals consume these carcasses there is a risk of 'secondary poisoning'. To minimise the risks of secondary poisoning, and excessive use of bait, pulse baiting is recommended.

By continuing a baiting program in 'pulses' the risks of having mice or rats consuming multiple lethal doses is reduced.

While most mice and rats will go away to die, proper disposal of any rodent carcasses will also minimise the risk of secondary poisoning.

What is Bromadiolone and how does it work?

Bromadiolone is a second-generation anticoagulant agent which blocks recycling of vitamin K in the liver causing the reserves of active vitamin K in the blood to be gradually depleted. Second-generation anticoagulants are long acting and so a single dose is effective.

Vitamin K contributes to the formation of blood clotting factors and in doing so, is converted from an 'active' form to an inactive form. The inactive form is returned to the liver where it is regenerated by an enzyme to be re-used.

Once this recycling enzyme is blocked by bromadiolone, the reserves of active vitamin K in the blood are gradually depleted. The rodent dies due to the failure of its blood clotting system.

It is important to use MOUSEOFF® Bromadiolone Rodent Bait carefully and in strict accordance with label instructions.

As the action of the poison is limited to inhibiting the enzyme that recycles vitamin K, accidental ingestion of bait by non-target animals can be overcome by treatment with vitamin K1, which is an effective antidote.

Do not apply MOUSEOFF® BD bait in areas accessible to native herbivores, stock or children. Ensure all livestock are restricted from the bait by placing bait in a bait station that does not allow access to the bait by stock, pets or birds.