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Mouse Live Capture Tip Traps 2pk

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• An easy to use live capture mouse trap with a unique design
• Suitable to catch mice and return them back to nature
• Safe – No spring action and no poisons
• No need to touch, never kill a mouse again – mice can be released unharmed!
• Bait is placed in the end cap (peanut butter is ideal) and the trap is positioned by the side of the wall with the door in the open position (immediately abutting the wall)
• As mice enter the trap to retrieve the bait, the trap tips with the door closing automatically behind them and the mouse is caught
• As a humane trap, the mouse can be released by opening the trap door
• Place the traps in areas where the mice are running, most likely against a wall
• Important: You will need to check the trap regularly to avoid distress to the mouse
• Supplied in a pack of 2 (to achieve higher catch rates)