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Jack Jaw Post Puller 10mm

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This product is made from high grade steel and has replaceable bisalloy 360 laser cut jaws. The base plate can be screwed to timber to spread the weight and allow removal on soft ground.

Great for concrete form pins & stakes Star Pickets  String line stakes Flat stakes Tent stakes & rebar Sign posts, u picket , square & round posts Utility grounding rods Drill rods for nuclear density gauges

  • Made in Australia
  • Simple to use T Post Lifter - Steel Fence Post Puller Jack 
  • Pulling straight up is easier, because it eliminates side loading, and resulting strain on the operator's back.
  • Available in 2 types Small - 430mm/8kgs Large - 980mm/12kgs
  • 10mm for standard steel post, maxi posts 
  • Tall version can be use on both tall 240cm posts and 165cm posts 
  • It uses specially designed and tempered jaws to remove the pickets which come out damage free and with amazing ease.
  • Replacement jaw teeth are available