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Horze Arabella Denim Ladies Riding Breeches (LAST ONES! SIZE 44)

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Last Size Run Out Model 

When you feel confident, Your horse notices.
The Horze. Arabella. Denim. Breeches. 
Feel sexy and confident around the paddocks AND in the saddle.
You know that feeling, when you slip into a new pair of jeans? A pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, and flatter your curves and streamline your figure? Jeans that make you feel amazing, and give you that magical air of confidence?
The Arabella Denim Breech will fit you like a glove. It flatters, it smoothes, and it holds in that muffin top. Yep, even mine! 
Smart enough to impress any tough riding instructor - yet casual enough to be completely versatile - on and off the horse. 
No more hiding behind your horse when talking to friends at your next riding clinic. Or strategically placing manure forks in front of you, as you casually lean upon them, trying to look cool as you go about your horsey chores. 
Because these breeches WILL bring out your cool, confident + sexy self - no matter where you are.
Add to that, the amazing silicone seat pattern. A silicone FULL SEAT crisscross pattern, across your bum that extends down to the inside of your knees. THIS full seat doesn’t restrict your comfort or riding. It looks pretty but also helps to improve your riding by keeping that sexy booty of yours, right where it should be. IN that saddle!
This breech is one of my personal fav's! So get yours now to see why :)
Sarah xoxoxox

From Horze:

Seasonal! - Beautifully-designed denim breeches with 4-way stretch fabric are just like your favorite jeans. The firming style gives you a great shape and the seams are placed for ultimate comfort.


70% cotton, 25% polyester, 5% elastane.