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Harmony Wild Bird No Waste Seed Mix 1kg

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Harmony Wild Bird No Waste Seed Mix 1kg is a nutritious seed mix designed to encourage wild birds to visit your garden. This high-quality seed mixture is home grown in Australia and will provide wild garden birds with a rich diet of seeds, fruit, and nuts selected to provide optimal nutrition in addition to a natural diet. It contains seeds that have been dehulled allowing birds to get the most out of the seeds and leaving your garden neat, tidy, and husk free. Harmony Wild Bird No Waste Seed Mix can easily be hung from any tree branch to allow birds easy access to feeding. Some key features of Harmony Wild Bird No Waste Seed Mix 1kg are:

  • Delicious seed, fruit, and nut mix to attract all kinds of wild and colourful birds to your garden.
  • High-quality ingredients including added oils and vitamins.
  • Formulated specially to provide additional nutrition to wild birds.
  • Blended with honey for safe consumption.
  • Provides wild birds of all breeds, age, and size with a balanced diet full of key nutrients.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Size: 1kg.

Ingredients: Groats (Hulled Oats). Sunflower Hearts. Cracked Maize. Currants. Cracked Peanuts. Honey. Sultanas. Raisins. Apple. Carrot. Spinach. Starch.

Harmony bird feed is made in Australia from carefully selected ingredients to suit the dietary requirements of wild Australian birds. There s nothing quite like a bird to add colour, personality and companionship to your backyard. The makers of Harmony Wild Bird products know all about caring for your feathered friends.

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