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Hand Sheep Shear Sharpener Burgon & Ball

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The only way to sharpen Burgon & Ball Sheep Shears without pulling the blades 'off-cut'.

Casing contains long life silicon carbide wafer, with spare wafer inside. Each wafer can be turned 4 times - simply rotate or flip it inside the sharpener to expose another sharpening face.

This Burgon & Ball tool is designed specifically to sharpen hand shears. (It will also sharpen garden shears and scissors exceptionally well.) Pocket size, ready for quick use on the job. Long life silicon carbide stone. Sharpens 45° or 60°. Use the sharpener to touch up your blades, each time you use them. Stone is safely encased in drop-proof clip-up holder. Rejuvenate your old shears with this handy tool. Instructions for use included.

Green In Colour 

Sharpener: 7cm x 6cm plastic case. 

Silicon carbide wafers: 5cm x 1 cm