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Goldfish / Koi Pellets Large Size

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Goldfish & Koi Pellets - Red & Green
7mm Diameter Pellet
Suitable for goldfish and koi. 
Protein Min.32%, Crude Fat Max.4%, Moisture Max.10%, Crude Fibre Max.9%, Crude Ash Max.12%.
Fish Meal, Wheat Flour, Wheat Germ, SOUTHERN ANTARCTIC KRILL (Euphausia superba), Shrimp Meal, Squid Meal, Scallop Meal, Soy Protein Isolate, Yeast Powder, Spirulina, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin Premix.
Our goldfish and Koi pellets are carefully designed using only quality ingredients.
Non-irradiated fish food.
Packed with high quality protein and low in fillers which is common in most fish food.
Contains a low protein content which is crucial for the health of goldfish and koi as they do not have a true stomach. Protein levels of 40% or more can become dangerous to your fish as it can cause constipation and bloating.
Low in fat reducing fatty liver and swim bladder problems in your fish (high protein foods will usually contain a highly dangerous fat content).

Another crucial ingredient is wheat germ and is a must for any good food. Wheat germ aids in digestion which is even more important for those cold winter months. 
We have doubled the amount of Antarctic krill in our recipe due to it's proven health benefits.
- A natural source of beta-carotene astaxanthin
- Strengthens the immune system
- Enhances disease resistance
- Boosts growth and survival rates
- Enhances colour
Suitable for year-round feeding. 
All protein is fish meal based and contains no land animals so you are only feeding ingredients they would naturally eat in the wild. 
Great for fish ponds!
Feed approximately 1-2 pellets per fish per day for the first week. Remove any uneaten food after 5 minutes. Slowly increase the amount once you are confident they are eating (2-4 pellets per fish per day).
Check your water quality as this can reduce your fishes appetite.
Reduce feeding over the winter months and gradually increase over the summer months. 
Some handy tips:
IMPORTANT: Do not overfeed.