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Giantz Weed Sprayer 60L Trailer 1.5M Boom Garden Spray

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Weed Sprayer 60L Tank
Included Heavy Duty Trailer & Rear Boom
Pump Driven Design
Forgot about those laborious task of weeding and turn it into this effortless one handed job. This weed sprayer is driven by a self priming pump that maintains a massive 130psi, delivers extensive coverage of spraying and shuts down on release of the trigger. A powerful 12V pump with pressure gauge, precisely measure the pressure provided to the boom spray and hand held spray. Giving you the right tools with right pressure for the spraying.
Efficiency Checked
Including a 5m chemical grade hose and rear boom sprayer, it allows you to do broad spraying while hand-held spray nozzle to do spot spraying while riding or walking. This weed sprayer is built with UV stable, to withstand under the operation of heat and sun of Australian weather. A great mobile solution to pest and weed treatment for your home, garden and farm.
Start Right Now
Throw away all those pump bottle sprayers and spray equipment! This one unit does it all. An excellent and compact little unit that is well priced and worth it. Save your time and money in a long run. Just hitch on to your mower, ATVs, or quad bikes, connect to the battery, turn on the valve and off you go. Get rid of those unwanted weeds and grasses, fast and easy.
Invest in a good one. Quality guaranteed. Buy now for a door-to-door delivery.

Hitch on ATVs, quad bike, four wheels motorcycles and mowers
Durable & leak-proof 60L tank
Easy to assemble
150kg capacity of heavy duty trailer included
Wide 8m spraying range
150psi max pressure gauge
UV stable design
Effortless pump driven design
Stable performance 130psi self-priming pump
2 spraying mode: Jet/ Stream
5m high pressure chemical grade hose
Built-in run dry protection
Fillet inlet with ultra fine filter
Superior corrosion resistant brass fittings
Low tank profile for optimal stability
Rear 1.5m spray boom w/ nozzles included
Hand-held spray nozzle included
Suitable for weed-spraying and watering
One year warranty

1.5m spray boom (Adjustable)
Tank capacity: 60L
Trailer capacity: 150kg
Max Pressure gauge: 150PSI/10BAR
Diaphragm pump: Max 130PSI/9BAR Self Priming
Spray range: 8m
Volts: 12V
Power: 65W
Chemical grade hose: 5m
Maximum pressure: 130 PSI / 9 BAR
Spray lance pressure & flow rate: 4.5 Bar at 2.6L/min
Spray gun pressure & flow rate: 3.5Bar at 2.8L/min (Maximum 5.5BAR, Adjustable)
Spray lance length: 68cm
Spray nozzles: 4 on the boom
Adjustable spray nozzle: Stream/ Jet
Lance nozzle: Brass

Package Content
60L Tank with Pump x1
5m Hose x1
Spray Gun x1
Spray Boom x1
Trailer x1
User Manual x1


This product comes with 1 year warranty