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Garden Repellent for Dogs and Cats Granules 1kg

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Are you sick of picking up pet waste from your garden beds, around your mailbox or lawn?**Scram Granules contain proven ingredients that cats and dogs find repellant, while still mild enough for us to tolerate.


  • Natural biodegradable clay granules
  • Provide long lasting, continuous action outdoors.
  • Easy to use
  • Non toxic

SCRAM! Garden Granules can help deter dogs or cats from your prize winning flower patch or your well maintained lawn! Simply scatter the repellent on your lawn, flower beds and around plants, shrubs, etc. to deter animals from doing their business in the area. The product can also be used around garbage bins and along fencelines. It's recommended that you repeat the action until undesirable habits have been broken or the animal steers clear of the area.

Scram is safe and will not harm animals in any way when used as directed.

Size: 1kg

DO NOT use on edible crops or directly onto plants

Directions for Use: Before use, remove any animal droppings and completely hose away any odour. Scatter repellent granules on lawns, flower beds, and around plants, shrubs, etc. and repeat until undesirable habits have been broken.
Not to be used on edible crops

Outdoor Use: Around your gardens, gates, furniture, letter boxes, fences, gates, bins, etc.

Active Ingredients: 15g/kg methylnonyl ketone, 20g/kg citronella oil.