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Freeze Brands Set 0-8 75mm (3")

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  • Note: Made to order may take 3-4weeks
Freeze Branding is a branding process involving the use of liquid nitrogen or dry ice and alcohol to cool a branding iron, so that the iron may then be used to alter the hair follicle of the animal, to remove either the pigmentation only, or the entire hair, depending on the colouring of the animal. Available in a set of numerals 0-8, 75mm (3") high & 0-8 100mm (4") with a short handle. Do not use in place of a fire brand.

  • Width: 195.00 mm
  • Height: 410.00 mm
  • Depth: 210.00 mm
  • Weight: 6090.00 grams
  • Note: Made to order may take 3-4weeks


  • Width: 180.00 mm
  • Height: 430.00 mm
  • Depth: 250.00 mm
  • Weight: 8640.00 grams
  • Note: Made to order may take 3-4weeks