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Dog Agility Set

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Bust your dog’s boredom and exercise those high energy breeds with this quality agility set from Kerbl. Improve your dog’s footwork, agility and confidence and challenge those highly intelligent breeds by continuously changing the course.
This set will strengthen the bond between you and your dog and make an entertaining and varied fitness program that will keep you and your dog fit and healthy!
Simple and fast to assemble slalom weave, jump bars and hoop. The ring and jump bars are height adjustable. Supplied in a practical carry bag the set includes:

• 3-part with ring, hoping bar and slalom

• Adjustable height

• Ring and hopping bar steplessly adjustable

• Can be folded down to save space, includes practical carrying bag

• Simple and quick to assemble

• Incl. 10 plastic posts (80 cm / diameter 3 cm) with 15 cm ground spike, 1 large connecting bar (100 cm / diameter 3 cm) and 1 small connecting bar (65 cm / diameter 3 cm), 1 ring, connections and hook-and-loop straps

• For strengthening the bond between you and your dog, and for an entertaining, varied fitness programme that will keep your pet healthy and fit

• Encourages your dog's natural urge to exercise