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Carasweet - 1kg

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CARASWEET is a blend of dextrose, sweetener and flavour designed to overcome palatability problems.  It encourages livestock to consume more feed and therefore gain weight.

Whilst it has been used successfully as a flavour enhancer when mixing feed for horses, cattle and pigs for many years, more recently it has proved extremely useful when baiting, shooting or trapping feral pigs.

One of the main benefits being that it is an attractant only and will NOT harm other animals (domestic or native) should they accidentally consume the bait.

COMPOSITION:                 Milled grain, dextrose, monohydrate, flavour, sweetener

APPLICATION:                   Use as an attraction wehn baiting feral pigs or setting up a shooting site

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:     For baiting feral pigs, add 100g Carasweet to 10kg grain

PACK SIZE:                       1 kg

STORAGE:                        Store in a dry place in ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight