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Bainbridge Sheep Restrainer

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    • Our Bainbridge sheep restrainers are simple devices that are useful to humanely restrain sheep and goats
    • Suitable for lambing, foot trimming, transportation, health checks and many other uses
    • There are two sizes available, which make the restraining devices is suitable for lambs, sheep, goats and calves
    • Small: Width of 175mm For Lambs 
    • Large: Width of 225mm for sheep,goats and calf's 

Instructions (also included on the packaging):
1. Firmly hold the animal and place the animal on its side. With one hand, hook the restrainer under the front leg and then pull the restrainer over the neck while pushing the animals head towards the brisket.
2. Hold the other leg and place into the other side of the restrainer.
3. Place the cord under the neck of the animal and secure the holders at the end of cord in the slots provided. The cord must be held firm around the neck, but not too tight. The cord can be adjusted using the knots or securing the cord around the end holders.