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Bagabale Hay Bag

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Carting a single bale of hay can be a messy task without a ute, the mess it leaves behind is barely worth the hassle.  Never fear, Bagabale is here! With our cheap and affordable bags, you can transport that bale of hay in your boot or back seat with no clean up required!

Consider it like a reusable shopping bag, but for hay (small squares). Leave one in the hay shed (storing a bale) and leave one in the boot!

They are white with Black handles, stitching and a black print.  Measuring 100 x 50 x 50cm, they are sure to fit any small square bale.  With a flap style lid that can secure to the ties on the front (see pics).

Not just for horses and carting hay, they have plenty of other uses too!!  Here’s some we’ve seen before:

  • Storing garden scraps and sticks.
  • Carting lawn Clippings
  • Bagging an old tent
  • Rabbit and guinea pig feed and bedding (save money buying bales not bags of feed).
  • Chook bedding
  • Collecting hay scraps from the hay shed floor.
  • Tip run’s
  • Storing and transporting horse rugs to the laundromat or rug repair
  • Carting straw and pea mulch for the garden.
  • Aussie Made
  • Size 100 x 50 x 50cm

They are not designed to last a life time, when you are done, they are 100% recyclable.