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Backyard Lawn Blend

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Whether you need to sow a sports field or a back yard, Backyard Lawn Blend will advise on the best blend to suit the purpose.

We blend and pack seed that’s high in quality, germination and purity and selected to suit even the toughest conditions.

For the best possible start, all our lawn blends contain a Lawn Starter Fertiliser.

  • Hardy Lawn – A really tough, well presented but low-maintenance lawn
  • Extremely durable and drought tolerant grass mix
  • deal for sports grounds or large sports areas
  • Also for lawns in areas where shade prohibits Couch or Kikuyu growth

Sowing Rate

1kg sows 25 square metres


  • Annual rye 
  • Perennial rye 
  • Fine fescue
  • Bluegrass
  • Lawn starter fertilizer 

Due to quarantine restrictions, we do not ship seeds to Western Australia or Tasmania