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ARS LP-40 Heavy Duty 80cm Bypass Lopper

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The LP-40 is the largest bypass lopper from ARS for those who need to tackle large branches. Wielding an impressive 113mm long blade and a forged counter-blade, this will be your go-to lopper for large branches or large woody weeds you may otherwise need to tackle with a pruning saw. Made from high quality materials to exacting standards in Japan.

  • High carbon steel blade with non-stick coating
  • Counter blade fully forged, stepped to minimize friction and clogging
  • Screw retainer
  • Heavy-duty tubular aluminum handles
  • Rugged, comfortable grip to minimize fatigue
  • Replaceable shock absorbers
  • Cutting diameter 50mm
  • Overall Length: 80cm, blade length: 113mm, weight: 1720g
  • Spare blades available. Made in Japan.