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3x Mouse Trap Cage Catch Capture Mice Bait Rodent HamsterPest Control Reusable

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You don’t like rodents running around your place. Catch mice and rats quickly. Stop the spread of disease. Get them before they get into your pantry and eat your food. Trap up to 30 mice in one box.

Put some food in your new best mouse trap. Peanut butter nuts or seeds work great. Place the traps close to walls in secluded spaces. Try new spots. Don’t put them close together. Success.

Rats breed very quickly. They breed like rabbits. Get in fast before they get out of control. Set up the rat traps as soon as you see those tell-tale signs. Put them indoors and outdoors to catch all the rats.

Every morning take the mice out and dispose of them humanely. Release them well outside take them to the vet to be euthanised or quickly their snap necks. Please don’t drown or freeze them.

You can continuously catch rodents in these traps. Get the 3 trap or 5 trap set. When you have caught all the rodents you can just wash it out in the laundry sink or outside with a hose. Just let it dry before using it again.

Key Features

  • Effective trap mechanism
  • Two entrances
  • Large viewing window
  • No escape
  • Reusable
  • Easy operation

Material: Galvanized steel

Entrance dimension: 3.5cm x 3cm

Dimension: 26.5cm x 16cm x 4.8cm

Colour: Sliver

  • 3x Mouse Trap